Every business has risks.

It’s how you plan for them that matters

If the power in your office went off right now, what would you lose?

What happens if there’s a flood, a data breach, staff sickness or an unexpected global pandemic? 

How prepared is YOUR business?

Cigma Systems - Software and systems made for you
Cigma Services

The Cigma Difference

At Cigma, our approach ensures you stay prepared for every eventuality.

From fully-clickable Disaster Recovery Plans to complete CRM and data-processing systems, our modular applications, in-depth analysis and custom design allows us to provide you with a truly bespoke solution.

Business Continuity- designed for you

At Cigma, we work with you to ensure every aspect of your business is covered.

All our products can be integrated into your existing systems & processes to help streamline and modernise your workflow. The result is less downtime, easier staff training and less stressful change management.

Cigma Products


Business Continuity Management

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s essential that a business can keep up with whatever comes its way. Disappointed customers can have far-reaching consequences on social media, fines for data breaches can be crippling and the personal stress can be life changing.

We offer bespoke or fully-managed Business Continuity services to give you peace of mind and keep your business operational when you need it most.

Business Intelligence

Understanding the inner workings of your business, staff and systems is critical to making the right decisions.

Detailed analysis and reporting at the click of a button keeps you fully aware of the complete picture.

Remove the guesswork and see where your employees spend the most time.

Optimise their procedures and productivity and get instant ROI on this and for other areas of your business.

Bespoke CRM-CDP Solution

There are plenty of companies offering Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. But why settle for just a CRM when you can get CiGMA, our bespoke all-in-one system, which integrates CRM, back-office data processing (CDP) & in-depth management reporting (BI).

CiGMA is a bespoke cloud based software which can run your entire organisation. Your complete business solution without huge development time & cost.

Cigma Services

What you should know about us

  • We’re a genuine UK-based company working with multi-lingual clients all over the world.
  • All our staff are employed directly – we do not use sub-contractors to work with your confidential data.
  • All staff are DBS and fraud-checked regularly to ensure security of your systems.
  • We are a Cloud Based specialist, offering secure global solutions.



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