Bridging the gap between Customer Relationship and Business Data Processes

There are two big problems with common Customer Relationship Management software; off-the-shelf solutions often don’t do what you need them to do and bespoke systems can be lengthy and expensive to develop.

CiGMA software

That’s Why We Created CiGMA

Our cloud-based, modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system incorporates a complete back office data processing (CDP) solution. The result is a perfect solution for your business requirements in a rapid timeframe, using your own branding and internal processes.

Secure & Reliable

CiGMA has been developed with security and reliability at the forefront of its design.

Leading cloud-based servers offer 99.96% reliability with GEO redundancy.

Multifactor Authentication and full activity logging.

Access Without Boundaries

All your staff, clients and contractors can log in from a desktop or mobile device.

Your users are no longer tied to an office.

Fully Customisable

Every process can be tailored to suit your existing business processes. Change Management is no longer a headache for your teams.

It’s also modular and fully flexible, so as your business grows, so does CiGMA.

Comprehensive Reporting

Bespoke reporting and analysis at the click of a button. All aspects of your data and communications can be displayed or exported at the click of a button.

Cigma Services

Bespoke CRM & CDP Solution

Just for you

All the tools & features in CiGMA have been designed to be truly customisable. We can adapt the software specifically for your needs.

Real support

Businesses can spend thousands on consultancy fees when setting up a software solution. With CiGMA, you eliminate the middle man. Nobody knows our product better than we do and we want to share that knowledge directly with you. Our SLA’s are inclusive of training for all staff & support, to ensure everyone gets the most out of their new system.

Embedded communication

CiGMA provides a flexible, inclusive platform to communicate with all clients and staff. Email & SMS integration ensures all messaging is kept within a single system.

Dynamic Email, SMS & Document Templates can be setup with a few clicks, to replicate your brand.


A truly adaptable cloud-based solution. There is no need to install software on your devices.

Everything can be accessed through a secure web browser or mobile app.

Fully managed solution; no IT skills needed and full training provided.

Role-Based User Access

Each user can be assigned roles to ensure they only see the data they are allowed.

Menus, screens and features dynamically adjust in accordance with the user role, so each person only sees what is required and compliant.

Roles can be updated by an admin with a single click.

Industry Specific

We understand that Industry sectors require different tools. That’s why we work with you to design each system specifically for your needs and update them as they change.

The automated and semi-automated process within CiGMA has proven to increase productivity.

Feature Rich

Limited only by your imagination and our time, CiGMA is capable of including any features you need to manage your business.

  • Client portal & communication
  • Lead tracking
  • Task management
  • Email & SMS
  • Document management & sharing
  • Payments tracking & invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Automation (email, SMS, processes)
  • Scheduled communication

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