Business Intelligence: Protecting you from inside threats

In the world today is your data secure? Even from your own employees?

At Cigma we provide tailored monitoring solutions to track all activity on your network, then report it to you in a clear, concise, understandable format. We can monitor your devices, network and employees. Data can be stolen from anywhere. Don’t become another headline in the news.

Business Intelligence

Insider Threat Detection

Automate risk detection and block unwanted employee behaviour. Use smart rules & alerts to always keep your organisation safe.

Audit & IT Compliance

Our systems can generate session recordings and logs to fulfil IT and audit requirements automatically.

Insider Risk Management

Insider Risk Management

Provides a risk exposure snapshot of your entire organisation. Quickly identify users that violate company policies or put your organisation in harms way.

Identify which employees are most vulnerable by analysing trends in their behaviour. Drill down to see which policies have been violated in the event of an incident. Educate staff to prevent future events.

Automated Behaviour Rules

Write rules that react to any observable employee activity, like blocking an e-mail from going out, or alerting when a certain document is being printed.

Employee Session Recording

Record, log and monitor all employee activity. Play back a session via video, or analyse session metadata, which can be invaluable for training.

Data Monitoring

Collect data to create in-depth reports detailing employee functions, productivity levels and general information to increase workforce effectiveness.

Remote Lockdown

Easily and quickly prevent an employee from logging into your system should their employment be terminated or if they are suspended.

Location Rules

Write rules to control when and where someone can log into the system. This improves security both from inside and outside threats.


Receive regular reports on the security of your company and be advised of any steps you could take to improve weaknesses.

Data Monitoring

Productivity Optimisation

Remove the guesswork and see where your employees spend the most time. Optimise their procedures and productivity and get instant ROI.

Audit & IT Compliance

Track employee activity and easily access full video session recordings and logs. Adhering to IT compliance & audit requirements has never been easier.

Employee Monitoring

Get full visibility into employee activity & easily identify behaviour anomalies. Monitor and record emails, websites, chats and more.

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