A Simple Guide to Business Continuity Management

A Simple Guide to Business Management

What is BCM (Business Continuity Management)?

Remember the time you locked yourself out of the house (and stood there feeling helpless and a little bit foolish)?

If you’d thought ahead and hidden a spare key under a stone or in the shed, that’s Continuity Management. It’s finding solutions BEFORE things go wrong.

In business, you’re less likely to lock yourself out of the office (although we’ll plan for that too!), and more likely to need to combat stressful situations like cyber attacks, power outages, floods, industrial sabotage or, you know, global pandemics(!)

Why is BCM so important?

BCM isn’t important. It’s VITAL. Any large change in circumstance could destroy a business. Take a moment and imagine the power went off right now in your office… and stayed off for 24 hours or even longer.

What data would you lose? What happens when the phones don’t work and customers can’t contact you? What do your employees do? How do orders get fulfilled?

Sure, you can send out an email after the event, apologising to existing customers, but how many new sales or leads have you lost? How has your reputation been damaged? How many negative reviews have been posted on social media? The modern world can be a very unforgiving place.

Good business continuity management proves that your priorities are to protect your business, your customers and your employees.

A BCM Plan ensures that a company can continue operations and deliver products and services to its customers. All businesses, in any industry, at any size, need a business continuity management plan.

Cigma Systems can help you to navigate through the process. We can help you do the analysis required as well as design and manage all aspects of your BCM. The resulting processes will be invaluable in enabling your business to maintain continuity and therefore profitability and reputation in a time of disruption.

No one likes to think about what could go wrong. It’s an uncomfortable feeling acknowledging a critical problem could occur at any moment. The job of Cigma Systems is to make setting up these processes & systems as painless as possible so they are there when you need them, whenever that may be. Contact us today – tomorrow could be too late.