Every business has risks- it’s how you plan for them that matters

If the Power in your office went off right now, what would you lose? What happens if there is a flood, a data breach, staff sickness or an unexpected global pandemic? 

If you can’t answer these questions quickly & simply you need a Business Continuity Plan. A roadmap to help you & your employees deal with times of crisis without panic.

Business Continuity- designed for you

At Cigma, we work with you to ensure every aspect of your business is covered.

From basic plans, to building bespoke Document and Data Management Systems, Cigma has the solution you need. After all, protecting your business IS our business.

Cigma Systems - Software and systems made for you
Cigma Services

Things you should know

Here are a few important facts to know about us:

  • We’re a genuine UK-based company working with multi-lingual clients all over the world.
  • All our staff are employed directly – we do not use sub-contractors to work with your confidential data.
  • All staff are CRB and fraud-checked regularly to ensure security of your systems.
  • All our systems are hosted on Azure & AWS Servers


Business Continuity Management

In this ever changing environment, ensuring you have the correct procedures and protocols in place is essential.

Our Advised or Fully Managed, Business Continuity Services will give you peace of mind and keep your business operational when you need it most.

Business Intelligence

Understanding the inner workings of your business, staff and systems is critical to making the right decisions.

Detailed analysis and reporting at the click of a button keeps you completely aware of the complete picture.

Bespoke Solutions

Whether it’s a custom software application, data analytics or system integration, Cigma has the expertise and solutions to make the process as painless as possible.

We have been designing and building systems for years around customers processes. Make the systems work for you.

Products & Services

From fully clickable Disaster Recovery Plans to complete Document Management Systems, our approach ensures you always stay ahead of the game.

Modular programming techniques, in-depth data analysis and custom design, allows Cigma to deliver a truly bespoke solution in a fraction of the time.

All our products can be integrated into your existing systems & process to help streamline and modernise your workflow. The result is less downtime and easier staff training & transition.

Cigma Products


CiGMA is more than just a Document Management System, it’s a complete Corporate Digital Solution. A truly modular solution to digitised all you workflows and document / data management needs.


CiGMA-I is a complete modular insurance software solution, designed to easily create a digital broker platform with all the client & underwriting compliance features embedded.


Monthly reports, digital dashboards, direct links to all your systems and application, plus much more.

EvE is the perfect partner for your business to keep your staff secure and you informed every minute of the day.


Easily create personalised email campaigns and automated customer journeys. Our tools help you to achieve real business results.


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We design software & systems to suit the way you work

We start every job by finding out how you work. Then we create a system that fits your workflow and makes it smoother, easier and more efficient.

Working with you

We work with you to design a complete system that suits the way you work.

Secure and reliable

We are proud that our systems and services are secure and reliable.

Cloud-based services

We build software using cloud-based systems with 99.5% redundancy.



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